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Welcome to Chicago 2179.  Where trying to set the pace and background for our story. Feel free to listen the audio version. 


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It was once thought that the rise of artificial intelligence would spell the end for humanity, a world in which machines had become the masters and humans were mere slaves...

But as it turned out, the opposite was true. The human race had become the true masters, harnessing the power of AI to their own advantage.

In 2179, the world was divided between those who had embraced the technology, using it to enhance their lives, and those who had failed to keep up.

The rapid pace of technological disruption had left many behind, struggling to keep pace with the ever-advancing tide of progress. But for those who had embraced the power of AI, the future was bright, full of endless possibilities and infinite potential.


People who had significant mastery of technology had become true demi-gods, as they were able to extend the duration of human life, concentrating wealth and knowledge even further in the hands of those already in dominant positions.


The dominance of these demi-gods led to a new era of power and control. They became the modern-day pantheon, revered for their extraordinary abilities and hailed as the harbingers of progress. With cybernetic enhancements granting them near-immortality, they extended their lifespans far beyond the limits of ordinary mortals. Year by year, their wealth and knowledge grew, solidifying their position at the pinnacle of society. 


The large corporations, led by these demi-gods, transformed the world into a cybernetic playground. The boundaries between physical and digital realities blurred, enabling the demi-gods to seamlessly traverse multiple dimensions. They could be present in remote locations, their avatars serving as vessels for their powerful consciousness. Their influence extended beyond the mortal realm, shaping policies, economies, and even the destiny of nations.


The owners of these dominant corporations, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, replaced their bodies or organs entirely or partially with cybernetic parts, continuously enhancing their efficiency. With such power, they could exist in different places, not simultaneously, but with immediate access or by transferring their consciousness to different avatars whenever necessary.


Technological advancements also allowed for complete immersion in a virtual reality-like experience, where individuals could inhabit various cybernetic bodies located in different parts of the planet.


As the demi-gods dominated the macro game, an underground universe developed, where survival instincts prevailed. Other layers of society clung to technology within the limits of their possibilities. Although not completely excluded from the advancements, they remained considerably behind the demi-gods, relying on second-hand hardware and seeking cybernetic improvements through informal clinics to bridge the gap, at least for those who were daring, resourceful, and determined.


Beneath the glossy facade of progress, a stark divide had emerged. The vast majority of humanity lived in the shadows, struggling to survive in a world governed by the demi-gods. This marginalized population, devoid of the resources and advancements enjoyed by their counterparts, sought solace and hope in the ever-elusive promise of equality.


Within the underground, cybernetic enhancements became a means of empowerment and rebellion. Though often assembled from salvaged parts and outdated technology, these enhancements offered a glimmer of hope for those who dared to defy the status quo. The underground society became a breeding ground for resilience, resourcefulness, and a fierce determination to challenge the dominance of the demi-gods.


In the depths of the underground society, a different kind of struggle unfolded. It was a world where survival often required cunning, deception, and alliances forged in the shadows. Here, Pixie reigned as the leader of a hardware/software shop that catered to the underground community. Her shop served as a hub for cybernetic enhancements, offering not only improvements for herself and her allies but also a means to leverage power and influence.


Also known as 'Red',  Pixie was a force to be reckoned with—a shrewd and audacious woman who commanded attention with every step she took. Her vibrant red mohawk, a fierce crown of rebellion, served as a striking symbol of her unwavering determination and refusal to conform to societal norms. The fiery locks cascaded down her back, an expression of her rebellious spirit that refused to be tamed.


Her piercing emerald eyes, sharp and unyielding, held a glint of calculated intelligence that cut through the darkness of the underground. They were windows into a mind that could analyze a situation with razor-sharp precision, foreseeing every possible outcome and adjusting her strategy accordingly. The weight of her gaze conveyed both confidence and a hint of danger, a reminder that crossing her path could lead to swift and merciless consequences.


Red´s lithe and agile frame belied her inner strength, concealing the formidable power that lay within her. She moved with a grace that was both captivating and deceptive, masking the lethal skills she possessed. Every movement, every gesture was purposeful, revealing the culmination of years of training and experience in the art of survival.


Her attire mirrored her audacious persona. She adorned herself in a mixture of futuristic cybernetic gear and carefully selected street fashion, a blend of the avant-garde and the rebellious. Metallic accents adorned her clothing, accentuating her tech-savvy nature and evoking a sense of edgy style that was uniquely her own. The intricate tattoos that adorned her arms and exposed skin were a tapestry of symbols and designs, each telling a story of her journey through the underground and the battles she had fought.


But it was not just her striking appearance that earned Pixie the respect of her peers. It was her unrivaled technical prowess, her ability to navigate the treacherous landscape of the underground society with finesse and cunning. She possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of cybernetic enhancements, their intricacies, and their potential for manipulation. Her fingertips danced across keyboards and interfaces, effortlessly deciphering complex algorithms and unlocking the secrets of advanced technology.


Pixie's skills were honed by years of survival in a world where trust was scarce and loyalty fleeting. Her decisions were driven by a keen sense of self-preservation and an unyielding desire to empower her closest allies.


In the intricate dance of power and survival, Pixie stood as a guiding light, a beacon of hope for the underground society. Her name carried weight, spoken in whispers and murmurs, a testament to the indelible mark she had left on the treacherous landscape. Her presence alone was enough to shift the balance of power, to instill fear in the hearts of those who dared to oppose her.


Pixie was more than just a rebel with a cause. She was a mastermind, a visionary, and a force that could not be contained. In the depths of the underground, she reigned supreme, a queen of defiance and ingenuity, poised to rewrite the rules of a game that had long been rigged against the powerless.


One of Pixie's most formidable allies, and at the same time, an embodiment of pure evil, was Ezequiel James, or “Zeek”.


Zeek was an enigmatic figure in the underground, shrouded in an aura of darkness and malevolence. His presence alone inspired a mixture of fear and curiosity among those who crossed his path.


With a signature Mohawk hairstyle, his white hair stood in stark contrast to the mechanical enhancements that adorned his body. Every inch of his skin seemed to be a canvas for intricate tattoos, each symbol carrying its own hidden meaning.


His cybernetic arms and legs, a testament to his relentless pursuit of power, gleamed with a metallic sheen. Embedded within his limbs were an array of connectors and ports, allowing him to interface seamlessly with the technology that surrounded him. Piercings adorned his face, serving as a visual reminder of the pain and sacrifice he had endured to reach his current state.


Zeek's eyes, cold and piercing, held a spark of sinister intelligence. They seemed to see through the facades of those around him, always searching for weakness to exploit. His voice, a low and commanding rasp, carried an air of authority that demanded attention and respect. 

As a can swapper, Zeek held a dominant position within the underground society. His unscrupulous nature and unyielding pursuit of personal gain made him a formidable force to be reckoned with. While not blessed with the cybernetic enhancements of the demi-gods, Zeek possessed a cunning intellect and an insatiable thirst for power.


In the shadows, Zeek thrived, pulling the strings from behind the scenes and manipulating the underground to serve his own ends. His alliance with Pixie, born out of mutual interests, created an uneasy truce that allowed them to navigate the treacherous underworld together. Zeek's ability to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, combined with his cunning mind and resourcefulness, made him a dangerous adversary and a valuable asset to those who dared to align themselves with him.


Whispers of Zeek's name echoed through the darkened corridors of the underground, a name synonymous with treachery and deceit. To cross paths with him was to dance with the devil, a high-stakes gamble where the consequences could be dire. In this realm of shadows and secrets, Zeek reigned supreme, a true embodiment of the darkness that lurked beneath the surface of the cybernetic world.


The partnership between Zeek and Pixie was born out of a mutual understanding that their individual ambitions aligned for the time being. Zeek, a can swapper with a grotesque appearance, held sway over a significant portion of the underground underworld. He controlled the illicit trade of stolen technology, using his connections to dominate the black market.


Their relationship was a constant dance of manipulation and self-interest. Pixie knew she had to tread carefully in her dealings with Zeek, for his hunger for power and control knew no bounds. They maintained a fragile truce, each benefiting from the other's strengths while keeping a wary eye on potential betrayals.


Within this complex web of alliances and rivalries, the underground society pulsated with an undercurrent of ambition, greed, and survival instincts. Individuals and factions vied for dominance, their actions guided by personal gain and a hunger for power. Loyalties shifted like quicksilver, and trust was a scarce commodity in this dark and unforgiving realm.


Amidst the chaos, Pixie stood as a beacon of ingenuity and calculated strategy. Her hardware/software shop became a haven for those seeking advancements, enhancements, and a chance to level the playing field. She provided her allies with the means to defy the demi-gods and rise above their oppressed existence. In return, she demanded loyalty and obedience, knowing that in this cutthroat world, weakness was not an option.


The underground society became a battleground of cunning minds and ruthless ambition. It was a world where survival hinged on resourcefulness and adaptability. As Pixie and Zeek maneuvered through the intricate web of power dynamics, they knew that one misstep could lead to their downfall. But for now, they shared a common goal—a relentless pursuit of their own interests, bound together by a dangerous alliance in the unforgiving underbelly of society.


In the depths of the underground, where shadows held sway and secrets whispered through the dimly lit corridors, Pixie and Zeek reigned as formidable figures. Their partnership, born out of necessity and a hunger for control, propelled them forward in their quest for power and dominance. They were players in a game where rules were discarded, and survival was the ultimate prize.


Within this context, amidst the chaos of the underground and far away from the seats of power, a strong and imposing figure awaited someone in a dark alley on the outskirts of Chicago....

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